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Every business can benefit from digitizing and automating parts of their unique workflow.

Software development can be complex, but the finished products must always be easy to use. Using Microsoft Development tools, we design custom software for businesses struggling to scale so they can simplify, systemise and streamline. We will boost your productivity, improve customer service and get you data driven insights into your own business.

  • Save Time – Automate repetitive tasks
  • Analytics – Measure your workflow and get actionable data
  • Assistants – Constrain workflow to keep things ordered
  • Go Paperless – Replace bulky paper workflows with digital solutions
  • Reports – Collate your data into regular crystal clear reports
  • Integration – Work smarter with solutions that help your people


We develop easy-to-use solutions for Windows, Kiosks and mobile.

Solutions that easily integrate with your business processes. Improving productivity and granting insight through your own data is our specialty. If you have an idea, we can pair it down to it’s core concept and get it producing value for you at a minimum time and budget cost.

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These mobile devices protect against invalid warranty claims every day.

With the right code and hardware, we removed a time consuming and costly job from our client’s daily workflow. Before this project, valuable files were often lost, resulting in invalid warranty claims having to be resolved at the expense of the client.

  • Instant – Photos are available moments after they are taken

  • Battery – Easy recharge with an all day battery life

  • Quality – 20 Megapixel with Zeiss optics captures every detail

  • Videos – Sounds and discussions are also captured

  • Infinite Capacity – Images are transferred to the server automatically

  • Easy Upgrades – More devices were quickly and easily added

  • Tidy Server – Folders and files named and sorted without work from staff


Managing the hourly pay for a factory workforce now takes five minutes.

With every worker signing in with less than four taps, clock times are easily tracked. They can be seen and edited anytime, with a weekly tally being summed and sent by email.

  • Simple – Workers may be computer illiterate, which is OK due to the minimal design

  • Fast – Fumbling, or losing punch cards when all you need is a few digits

  • Digitized – Forget about archive boxes, when records are searched in seconds.

  • Automatic – Reports are generated and sent weekly

  • Accurate – Overtime, penalties and rates are detected and summed perfectly

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